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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sometimes it's too easy, you know? Somebody asked Mittens what his favorite novel is, and he said L. Ron Hubbard's "Battlefield Earth". Then, through a spokesperson he backtracked and said his favorite book is the Bible. Like there's a difference.

Why didn't he just say "Atlas Shrugged" and be done with it?

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Like he's even ever read the Bible - the original one, that is. The LD Saints have their own, don't they, written on lost golden plates? He's like every other hypocritical "conservative" candidate since Reagan: the Bible's his favourite because he wants that demographic who think that having a preacher hold a Bible and preach hatred at them is the same thing as reading the stories themselves. Assuming they can read.

Although when haven't we seen R-money turn around every pronouncement he's ever made almost as soon as he opens his mouth?
The Book of Mormon is about, inter alia, the adventures of Mr. Christ in North America.
That don't make no Bible, sonny.

Even if it do got dinosaurs.

And Jesus a'ridin' on 'em.

Like he did.

With his shotgun.

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