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Friday, September 07, 2012

A thought on the DNC: I haven't seen anyone else say it (yet) but it seemed like it was very swing state targeted. All that talk about saving the auto industry (true enough, and yeah, it was a tough call, and yeah, it was the right call) is as much about Ohio and Michigan as anything else. I haven't started counting on my fingers yet-- I'll leave that to Nate Silver for now-- but if the Democrats take those two it's pretty tough for Mittens to see the path through. In terms of constituencies I'd say that the appeal to women was well worth the effort-what was more interesting was that the support for gay rights in general, and marriage equality in particular-- was overt and shouted loudly. Republicans tiptoe around it by referencing "tradition". The Dems are having none of that, and it would be interesting to see the polling that lead them to conclude that this was the way to go. I think they are probably correct on this, but I'm sure that there were quite a few people who were gnashing their teeth.

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