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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I have an iPhone 3GS. When CLA got a 4GS over the summer I was covetous, but I didn't feel a rational need to upgrade, so I didn't. A is getting an iPhone 5, but my habit has always been to buy a generation behind, so that's not grabbing me-- yet. Maybe my mind will change. I was buying a car charger and nearly upgraded to a 4GS-- $99 bucks, hard to resist-- but it turns out that the $99 iPhone had only 16gb of memory. At the time I bought my humble 3GS I reckoned that the smart play would be to max out on memory, so I went big and got 32gb-- as much as they could give me. I'm presently pushing nearly 18gb's worth of music files, which means that my choices would be a 64gb 4GS-- a $200 buck phone, or an iPhone 5 with 32gb ($299) or 64gb (the smart play-- and $400 bucks). Since I don't need a new phone, the way I look at it my decision to pay the extra money for more memory when I got my 3GS just saved me $400.

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