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Saturday, October 06, 2012

One of the best Buffalo rock and roll stories I know is one about Gregg Allman. There are a lot of Allman Brothers stories about Buffalo: Dwayne was at BryLynn cleaning up in 1971; and one of their roadies stabbed someone in a bar, but the best one is the time there was a surprise
assembly at Canisius High School. The curtains opened and it was the Gregg Allman Band. This account is a little different from the way I've heard it: I've always heard that Gregg was in BryLynn too, (it is across the street from Canisius) and volunteered to do the show without being asked. I like to think of him, sitting in his room, looking out the window, watching the Canisius boys walking down Delaware Avenue in their tweed sports jackets and knit ties. Doesn't really make a difference, I suppose. I've been in that auditorium, and it must have been mind-blowing to have been there. I was reminded of it by this story, about Bob Dylan playing the author's Bar Mitzvah. (I'm also reminded of the scene in Clint Eastwood's Bird, when Parker and Red Rodney play a Bar Mitzvah.)

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I was there and it was an unbelievable surprise. The announcement came as a mandatory assembly in the auditorium, we thought we were going to be reprimanded, but instead it was the coolest surprise concert I will ever remember.
I wish those free spirited days were back again. Ain't wasting time no more.

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