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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Morning News has an amusing feature in which we are shown a map and asked to guess what it references. I bat about .500 with this game, but I got hung up on this one. "States that aren't crazy? But Virgina? What's that doing there? And usually Vermont is on the Sane States list." Note to Rhode Island: get your act together.
 Promising:  Joe Biden is heading up the Gun Task Force. Biden is okay on this issue, and has nothing to lose. We are in a moment right now. I've been writing to my congressman (who is lousy on this issue) daily. If you are an Outside Counsel reader consider doing the same. My guy, Brian Higgins, is good at getting the gravy for WNY, but terrible on this issue- he voted against extending the assault weapons ban, and in favor of immunizing gun manufacturers from tort liability, for example. This may be the time when a lot of people who took the NRA's money rethink their positions, but they won't if they think this will blow over. Gun nuts are single-minded, and never let up. Over at the ironically named Lawyers, Guns & Money Erik Loomis called for (NRA President) "Wayne LaPierre’s head on a stick". His reward for this has been death threats, and a visit from the local constabulary. If that's what we are up against then we all need to demonstrate that the sane outnumber the the deranged and take a public stand.

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