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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

To Hamlet at Shakespeare in Delaware Park last night, as always a pleasant summer evening. Shaun Sheley, who I've not seen before, played the melancholy prince, and in an interesting interpretation seemed less depressive and more-- antic, perhaps? Maybe calculating? Moody and mourning at the outset the Ghost's revelations seemed to energize him, and thereafter his gloomy musings appeared to be more pretext than not. He made it work, well-aided by Tim Newell as Claudius. It has reached the point where Newell has become an essential part of my summer. Rebecca Elkin is also a regular, but I'm afraid I can't get behind her interpretation of Ophelia. She hits her marks, and delivers the lines well enough, but she doesn't look like the Ophelia I have in my mind's eye, and she doesn't seem as tortured as a young woman driven to suicide would be. I'm sure her father's doting eye sees her differently, but I prefer her in comic roles.

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