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Monday, September 30, 2013

Finally got to watch a Bills game yesterday, then most of Broncos v. Eagles. The Broncos are making it look easy, but it's the Bills experience I want to muse on for a moment. For the past few years this has been just about the point where I decide that my Sundays are better spent doing nearly anything other that being aggravated by the poor play of the home town team, and from then on I catch the occasional game, or watch whatever is on in the airport bar. When we move into the post-season my interest re-awakens, and I am consistently struck by what an interesting and exciting game football is when it is played well. The athletes really are something special: fast and strong and playing with precision against athletes that possess the same attributes. Watching Denver right now is like that. Watching the Bills right now isn't quite like that, but it seems to be getting there. The Ravens -- defending Super Bowl champs-- couldn't execute, and although the Bills faded in the fourth quarter they played good football for almost the whole game, and hung on to win. Fun to watch shouldn't be too much to ask, and that seems to be what's on the field out in Orchard Park right now. My Bills season has been extended another week.

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