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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Ladbroke's Nobel Prize in Literature odds. Adonis (14-1) strikes me as more of a longshot. I'm pretty sure that nobody has read anything that Joyce Carol Oates (6-1) has written in 20 years, and if you told me that it was all the same book, re-released every two and a half weeks, I'd believe you. Philip Roth (16-1) would have won by now if he was ever going to win. I'd vote for him, though. Thomas Pynchon's (20-1) chances go down every time he publishes something. It isn't going to happen this year for Cormac McCarthy, (too American) Salman Rushdie,(too much of a pain in the ass) or Margaret Atwood (Doris Lessing won hers)-- each 40-1. Don DiLillo is 40-1. His best book was about baseball, and his second-best was about Lee Harvey Oswald. Why would the Nobel Committee be interested in either? Bob Dylan is 50-1, and if I were in the UK right now I'd take a flutter, but only because it would be more fun to do that than to take the £10 bob note and tear it up. Frankly, I'm stumped.

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