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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A political note. What impresses me about the negotiations with Iran is that they have been going on for seven months. That's a long time to keep something as momentous as a potential nuclear treaty under wraps. Even more notably, the process proceeded without a great deal of chest-beating or other public posturing. Contrast this with the fake weapons of mass discussion conversation that was had in the run up to the Iraq war and what you see, I think, is the difference between serious people endeavoring to address a serious problem and dangerous people with an agenda. Agendas are like sharp objects: some people shouldn't be allowed to play with them.

The Iran deal is also a useful contrast with the way that Congress has operated this term. The Republican Party has maneuvered itself into a place where it is now in opposition to government itself, while the Administration steadfastly sets about getting things done. The hew and cry over poorly functioning websites is absurdly trivial, and my sense is that Obama has resolved to disregard for the most part the artificial media narratives that dominate public policy discussions in favor of conducting public policy. 

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I can't believe the war mongering, silly comments by the Republicans in Congress who are opposing this skillfully wrought agreement. Your point that opposing for the sake of opposing is so stupid. It seems as if Republicans think government and politics is the same thing a game where winning is the only important thing. Talk about maturity...!.

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