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William C. Altreuter

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I like watching football, but since I never played it pretty much everything I know about it I learned from listening to the guys announcing it. When you stop to think of the stupidness that football announcers are prone to, it's a wonder anybody knows what's going on down on the field in this football game. Aaron Gordon has endeavored to quantify the best and the worst announcers by counting cliches, ("a lazy conjecture presented as an explanation for an event on the field," e.g., "They believe they can win."), factual errors: ( statements presented as fact that can be disproved in the moment by the average football viewer without additional research), nonsense ("instances...where a commentator said something truly foolish, rambled incoherently or demonstrated a misunderstanding of a word's meaning," e.g., ""A good challenge but maybe not worth the challenge."), self references, plays off (the play by play man says nothing during the play), and going off topic.

Some highlights:

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