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Saturday, January 11, 2014

At the Censorship Show last night at the Burchfield-Penny. Dorothea Braemer, the producer of the program asked me to help with the Q&A following the screening. At some point I realized that I'm more used to asking questions-- at trial, in class. This was like appellate advocacy, and it felt good to flex that part of my brain.

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And you looked good, too!

What is a Censorship show?
Here in Brunswick County, North Carolina, it is a School Board Meeting where one Board member was shocked, shocked to find out that the AP English Classes for the Seniors in HS have "The Color Purple " on their Reading List. It took 2 meetings to decide to leave it there but to re-visit the matter at a future date.
My friend Dorothea Braemer produced/curated a set of videos on the topic of censorship generally, and specifically addressing the prosecution of Lawrence Brose. I was fielding questions about the status of the Brose case. (I also wrote the narration for the voiceover on one of the videos, which got me a screen credit. One more life goal achieved!)

I like the Color Purple story. I hope the fuss means the book gets read by a lot of people who otherwise would never have bothered.

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