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Monday, January 06, 2014

Interesting that the only home team that won over the weekend was Indy. Flukiest win? I'd say Bolts over Bengals-- Cinci just sort of fell apart at the end. Also, Colin Kaepernick is a badass.

Other weekend notes: I've modified this Tuscan Braised Kale recipe by adding white beans and Italian sausage. It is terrific.

Cuomo is loosening marijuana restrictions, which is a good idea. What's not such a good idea is that he is doing it in such a limited fashion. David Brooks to the contrary notwithstanding reefer is pretty well established as a pretty benign vice-- and the criminalization of it has damaged and destroyed far more lives than toking up ever did. Should it be available to sick people? Of course it should-- I can't see how that's even a serious question. Should it be available to anyone over 18 in a regulated marketplace? Why on earth not?

I thought the Little Sisters of the Poor were a football team.

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