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Monday, March 31, 2014

Yeah, baby.
UPDATE: Speaking strictly as a consumer, I can't recommend that anyone but the most enthusiastic Miles Davis completist run out and buy this set. It is terrific stuff, Miles at one of his peaks, playing with a terrific lineup, and it is absolutely superior to the 1970 Teo Macero curated version, because it gives us more context within which to understand what Miles was up to in this period. Macero was quoted once about CD "extras", saying, "They put the mistakes back in!" He wasn't wrong- there are some clams in here, but there are also some eye-opening improvisational sections. The problem is that these are four versions of the same set, played on four consecutive nights, and fatigue sets in by the third. Also, the texture of John McLaughlin's guitar versus the keyboards of Joe Zawinul and Chick Corea on Bitch's Brew is replaced here by Corea on electric piano and Keith Jarrett on organ. It's pretty groovy, but it is also a lot of organ. A real lot. I expect I'll eventually get around to getting a copy, but for now this is something I'll listen to on Spotify.

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