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William C. Altreuter

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I think it is long past time for us to stop referring to things that are not wars as wars. Think about it: leaving aside the fact that our recent history with things that are actual wars has been pretty dismal, our history with things that are not wars that we call wars has been even worse. War on Drugs? Oh, please. War on Poverty? Who you gonna believe, me or Mathew 26:11? And of course, the War on Terrorism. I heard some nitwit on the radio talking about winning the War on Terrorism this morning and people in the car behind me heard me yelling. There is no such thing as a War on Terrorism. Terrorism is a methodology. When we talk about terrorism what  we are talking about is a tactic used by (non-white*) people to disrupt governmental order. It is possible to institute security measures that diminish the possibility of terrorist disruption-- and those measures operate on a spectrum that ends in totalitarianism, without ever completely eliminating the possibility of a person or group employing terrorist methods.

So lets just stop talking about a War on Terror as though it means something. It doesn't, and using the phrase serves primarily to cloud meaningful discussion.

* Let me know the next time some white guy gets called a terrorist. I believe white guys who kill a lot of people are properly referred to as "quiet guys who kept to themselves" or "Second Amendment advocates".

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