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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Bands I Wish I'd Seen (Probably An Ongoing Project):

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I saw Kid Creole, late Summerstage, when it was over on the pier by the Intrepid. I can't remember if they opened for Gang of Four or if that was a separate show. I'm going with separate.

James Brown I saw toward the end of his career, at the Lone Star. It was a short, intense show.

On the other hand, back when jazz was too hard, I could have seen Miles Davis, in Ann Arbor, so easily in his last decade or so, and didn't.

Roxy would have been cool.
I'm always thrilled to see anyone in the US who knows Kid Creole and the Coconuts. I first discovered them on British TV in 1985 on my first trip abroad.
Only up to Stranded? I've got the Roxy dvd that came out a few years ago that includes live clips from Siren-era shows and they are amazing.

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