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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sasha Frere-Jones Tweeted a series of "Perfect Recordings": Volume One, Volume Two, Volume 3, Volume 4, and Volume 5. Somebody assembled them into a Rdio playlist, which is here. There is quite a bit that I am familiar with, and some things that I've heard of but never heard, and some things that I probably wouldn't have ever listened to but for this curation. (When I take the time to listen to rap or hip-hop I recognize that it is closer to the R&B that I like than I think when I am not paying attention, for example.) It is a revelation, is what I'm saying.

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Perhaps I'll have a look at the complied tweets, but streaming services? I guess if there's no DJ and no ads they might work as an antidote to commercial radio, which I gave up on years ago. Is it worth the subscription cost? Is it worth the royalties abuse to the artists?
Rdio is free, but the ads were wearisome. As to the question of royalty abuse, I try to treat streaming services and the various music blogs I frequent as the equivalent of the cheese samples at COSTCO. Maybe I don't want a whole wheel of Parmesan right now, but I am likely to buy some, if not today, than certainly later.

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