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Sunday, November 23, 2014

I don't do a great deal of appellate work, although I enjoy it. I was rusty when I appeared before the 4th Department last month, but I felt okay about it because I know and respect the judges who were on the bench, and therefore had  a fairly high level of confidence in their ability to get it right. Today I got the decision, and my confidence was rewarded.

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I don't think we have all the facts on this matter so we can be sure that justice was served.. We did see the "youth" leaving the store from which he stole some cigars or something. He looked like a very large guy as he brushed aside the small-looking guy who tried to stop him. The cop who ultimately shot him looked like a small guy, too. We really don't know what was said in the way of, "Stop or I'll shoot" or whatever. We really don't know if he did mean to stop or if he started to come after the cop. We do know that 10-12 shots were fired by the cop and that sure seems excessive. We don't know why the guy's body lay in the street for so long it drew a crowd. In point of fact, we really don't know much about the whole thing but I fail to see how burning and looting and vandalism serves justice either. And, yes, I do think the media helped make this much worse than it needed to be. Far too many grandstanding mouths jumped in front of the TV cameras and radio microphones.

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