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Monday, November 10, 2014

More for the Lawrence Brose file: this piece, which appears in today's Buffalo News (and was on line last week) represents the culmination of the media strategy we orchestrated. From our first involvement we knew that it was important to make people comfortable with the idea that they should stand with Lawrence. Some people were with him from the beginning, but others, stunned by the charges, needed to be brought around. One way to do that was for the supporters to make their support more public, which we did by asking them to write letters for circulation to the wider community. Those can be found here. The late Doug Ireland wrote a widely distributed piece--  one of the last causes he championed. And then there were the things we wrote-- for Buffalo Spree, and ArtVoice, and AfterImage, each venue selected to reach a different constituency. Some of this was seat of the pants decision-making, but for the most part it was calculated on our part, and it seems to have worked. In the immediate aftermath of Laurence's arraignment a Google search for his name led to page after page of negative news coverage. That is no longer the case.

The sentencing is November 25. Checks can be sent to The Center for Reason and Justice, with "Lawrence Brose Legal Defense Fund" in the memo line

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