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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Since just about the only TV I watch is football games I must have seen the commercial during a football game: a beautiful woman in a white toga invites us to play a game about Medieval war on our phones for free. Holy crow, it's Kate Upton! Now, I'm not one for video games, but the ad was so well done that I thought I'd download the game and see what the deal was. In Game of War: Age of Fire you start out with a rudimentary city and some resources. You try to increase your wealth by building farms and quarries and an army and what not, and you form alliances with others, I guess because there are battles and sieges and stuff. I haven't quite figured that part out yet, and I guess that part of the game is that you are supposed to dope out for yourself what you are supposed to be doing.

It is sort of mindlessly fun, I suppose. The graphics and animation are okay, (no Kate Upton, though) and there are a lot of little busy buttons to push, but instead of trying to figure out the game I have found myself wondering how the hell the thing makes money. I mean, it must make money: Commercials during football games cost bux deluxe. My first thought was a paranoid thought: maybe the thing was tracking information about me and my activity. For all I know it's doing that too, but apparently the way this thing makes money is that people actually spend money on it. In order to get nicer weapons or more powerful soldiers or whatever you can buy 'gold' with real money. And people do this! I am at a loss. I wouldn't have downloaded the app if it had been 99¢, but other people spend real money that they could have spent on, I don't know, going out to dinner, on this thing. Amazing.

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