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William C. Altreuter

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A few summers back, when Caroline and Wendy were in the 90 Mile Canoe race, on the last day we were at an Adirondack country store when a van with a -- I don't know, Mennonite?-- family pulled up. The women were in ankle length dresses and wore bonnets, the men were in black, with plain white shirts. They were all wearing running shoes, though, which was an incongruous look. I suppose the cobbler's art wasn't practiced in their community. They all got ice cream cones.

Because I am a jackass I'd let the gas run super low in our car, and as luck would have it the store where we were-- the only gas for about 50 miles-- had lost power over night. They couldn't run the pumps, and I found myself looking at that family and thinking that they were able to enter my world at will, but that for me to enter theirs meant that something had gone badly wrong-- no gas, stranded.....

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