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Friday, October 09, 2015

Back during the Iraq War we had an associate whose husband had been deployed to Baghdad. Every morning when the clock radio snapped on I held my breath hoping that I wouldn't hear his name.

Today the clock radio snapped on and I heard that Northern Arizona State University, where A's sister's two kids are students, was the scene of a campus mass shooting. A and K are fine, thanks for asking, except to the extent that their school is a crime scene. So now campus shootings are a weekly occurrence. Of course, gun deaths are a daily event, and as a nation we decided after Sandy Hook-- three years ago, that gunning down elementary school students was just a thing that happens sometimes, so I guess I'm out of step on this. I'm too exhausted to even say "enough". This is how we live now.

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Yeah, but here in Australia, we childishly don't have freedom, because we managed to stop after just one mass shooting. If you believe Newscorp's Fox idiots and the do-nothing/know-nothings in the GOP.

It really shouldn't be this hard. How does the NRA have such sway?
It's the Second Amendment. One could argue that an absolutist position on the Second Amendment is absurd, and ahistorical but that's not how the jurisprudence has played out. In Oz there was a program of confiscation. That would raise Fifth Amendment problems here- so a different path has to be found

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