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William C. Altreuter

Monday, November 30, 2015

People talk about how All Things Must Pass is a three record set, and it's true: there are three LPs in that big box. Thing is, one of them is "Apple Jam", which is pointless and bad. We all played it, but even then we knew it was rubbish. Pop music requires some sort of structure, which "Apple Jam" wholly lacked, and even a rock and roll jam should have a point. George was the spiritual Beatle, but he was also the Beatle that wrote "Tax Man"-- the Beatle most likely to make a cash grab. The set wasn't priced like a two record package, but that's what it really was- when the Rolling Stones did something similar with Let it Bleed they stuck the jams on Jamming With Edward, and didn't make anyone who didn't want it pay for it.

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