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Monday, November 09, 2015

There are, I think, a lot of good reasons to believe that American universities took a wrong turn when it comes to sports-- in a different world college sport would look a lot more like what goes on at the D-III level, and not at all like a farm system for the professional sports entertainment complex. Still, what we have is what we are going to be living with for a while yet, and because of that we get to hear university presidents and their minions explain that college sports prepares students for later life and teaches important leadership skills. Maybe it's even true: I think that sports can teach the value of preparation and delayed gratification, and maybe the best leaders on campus of Missouri University as we speak are the members of the football team. I will say this much-- I have never been more proud to have a Mizzou window sticker on my car than I am right now. Go Tigers.

UPDATE: When the football coach is against you there's no place to hide

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