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Monday, January 04, 2016

Here's an interesting situation: the Pennsylvania Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, is presently facing "a criminal indictment for felony perjury and multiple misdemeanors in an unrelated case for allegedly leaking grand jury information to embarrass a political rival and then lying about it under oath." The material in question came to light as a result of the investigation of a special prosecutor appointed by General Kane to look into the way the Jerry Sandusky prosecution was handled by her predecessor.The investigation "uncovered a trove of inappropriate emails" between and among sitting judges, prosecutors and others, and so far at least six state employees have been canned,  and a a state Supreme Court judge has resigned. Bruce Ledewitz, associate dean of academic affairs and a law professor at Duquesne University School of Law is quoted in the linked piece as saying that the emails give "the impression that every white male office holder in the state is a creep.”

There are several notable things about this story, I'd say. One is that the kind of stuff that the emails contain is purile material which should be beneath most sniggering sixth graders. Another is that here we are, sixteen years into the 21st century, and people are still putting stuff like this in emails?

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