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William C. Altreuter

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

I'm not so sure that the Republican Party is actually splintering: it seems to me more likely that whoever the Presidential nominee turns out to be will line up basically the same support that McCain and Mittens did, and that local and statewide organizations will operate to re-elect Republican incumbents. I suppose that's the stasis theory of American politics. I see very little difference in the ideology of any of the characters that have been in the mix for the nomination, and the chief difference between those candidates and the incumbent governors, senators and representatives seems to me to be that most of the incumbents are where they want to be  presently, doing what they want to do, while Cruz, Trump and the rest want to do the same stuff, but from the Presidency. That said, it does seem to me that the Republican Party is closer than it has ever been to becoming a permanent minority party in Presidential politics, and only the Electoral College is propping it up.

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