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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

EGS advises that her commute is made more pleasant by listing to WFMU, and that is certainly a pleasure I have had when I've had a matter in the NYC metro area. A somewhat more arcane treat is typically only available to me when I am required to appear in Westchester. Phil Schaap hosts a morning program called Bird Filght on Columbia University's station, WKCR, that is devoted to the music of Charlie Parker, and it is an amazing thing to hear. Not infrequently Schaap will embark upon a long narrative-- so long, in fact, that he pauses from time to time to announce how long he has been monologuing-- before playing the Parker number or numbers he has been elucidating. He is an amazing raconteur, who seems to know where Parker was, who he was playing with, and what he was wearing on a day-to-day basis. Come to find out that he has found two disks worth of Parker out-takes from the Verve days, and I have to admit that's pretty exciting. Charlie Parker veneration is a peculiar subset of jazz connoisseurship, and I am probably never going to pop for something like the complete Benedetti recordings, but this sounds worth looking into.

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