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William C. Altreuter

Thursday, July 07, 2016

For reasons that don't bear going into I found myself obliged to locate the physical whereabouts of a person. He hadn't responded to phone calls or texts or emails, and the matter was time sensitive, so I did a little digging, located his home address, and told A I was going to pay him a visit. "You are going to get arrested," she said, "And when you do, I won't bail you out."

"If I get arrested I will call you," I said. "And you can come and get the car."

When I got to the address it was locked down pretty tight, so I left a note and returned home. A. looked at me with a mix of exasperation and curiosity.

"The bottom of the soap in the shower was still moist. I used a fork I found by the sink to probe the flour and the sugar canisters. The freezer just had ice cube trays; the only produce in the refrigerator was a head of broccoli. No milk, no dairy, nothing with a sell-by."

Without missing a beat she replied, "Her clothes were on a chair where she'd dumped them-- hat and coat underneath. Her slip on top was still warm. She had wrinkled up the bed but the wrinkles weren't mashed down."

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