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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Lately A has been listening to BBC Overnight to lull herself to sleep. One of the things I like about this is that the journalists conduct actual serious interviews with actual serious policy questions backed by actual serious data. Last night, for example, the Minister of Finance for Zimbabwe was being interviewed. He was good at talking over the reporter, and pretty good at obfuscating, but she had him dead to rights, and was good at follow-up. In the morning NPR snaps on, and it is back to stupidness, like the commentary of Cokie Roberts. There is no analysis in political reportage from people like that, and I find that vexing. The polls they cite are horse race journalism, and their idea of shoe leather reporting is to take a taxi somewhere and ask the driver what he makes of it all. There was a time when it was reasonable to expect more from NPR.

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Sometimes I'm up before 5 so I get to hear the last hour of the BBC before Morning Edition comes on. It's startling to go from something like Hard Talk, or even just Witness, into the blather of NPR. It's like going from Breaking Bad to 90210. Same medium, different worlds.
It's true with newspapers as well. The Times of London makes the NYTimes look pretty weak.

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