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Friday, October 21, 2016

The problem in the Mock Trial class I am teaching is an age discrimination case involving writer for a pop culture magazine who was fired because (the magazine says) she is out of touch with current pop. An item of proof is that in an article she compared Justin Bieber to (Noble Prize Laureate) Bob Dylan. The magazine contends that contemporary audiences don't know who Bob Dylan is. I had a slump in attendance two weeks ago, so I announced a quiz for this week to get the students' attention. It was meant to be dead simple, but that's another story. For an extra credit question I asked them to list three songs by (Noble Prize Laureate) Bob Dylan. I got nothing. None of them could come up with "Blowin' In the Wind" or "Like A Rolling Stone" or "All Along the Watchtower" or "Hard Rain" or "Tangled Up in Blue", or "Mr. Tambourine Man", or "Forever Young" or.... anything else.

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Assuming all or most of the students in question are in their 20s I'm not sure that's terribly shocking. I was that age in the 80s and if you'd asked me to name 3 Rudy Vallee or Ivor Novello songs I'm pretty sure I'd have left that blank as well. Obviously Dylan is more important than those 2 generally speaking, but in this case we're talking about granddad rock, not just dad rock.

Now I'm even more nervous about the fact that just today I shipped the Blue and Red Beatles compilations to my nephew for his 9th birthday.

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