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William C. Altreuter

Sunday, March 19, 2017

I have always loved Tom Wolfe's description of Jimmy Breslin:
“When he sat down at his typewriter he hunched himself over into a shape like a bowling ball. He would start drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes until vapor started drifting off his body. He looked like a bowling ball fueled with liquid oxygen. Thus fired up, he would start typing. I’ve never seen a man who could write so well against a daily deadline.”
I don't know that there are any journalists like Breslin anymore-- I'm not so sure there are any New Yorker's like him, actually. I loved his campaign for City Council President when Mailer ran for Mayor (Slogan: "Throw the Rascals In"). They wanted New York City to become the 51st state and retain the name “New York”; the rest of the state, Breslin said, could be called “Buffalo.”

What would Breslin have made of Kellyanne Conway? Or Steve Bannon? (We know what he thought about Trump.)

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