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Monday, August 07, 2017

To the Oak Orchard Creek in Medina for a kayaking run yesterday. Went with a largish group of nine, which sort of pointed up an issue with this activity: man, that's a lot of cars. Another issue is that putting the boats on the cars-- at either end- is a time consuming hassle that is as close as I have ever come to thinking that a pickup truck might be a handy thing to have. Once on the water, though, these concerns fade away pretty quickly. The water was high, and the creek was running fast, which meant that the description that said the run we took was a leisurely three hours took me an hour and a half. Stay in the middle of the channel and maneuver from there, and try to use the river's speed instead of trying to power out of trouble. It was the fastest water I've been on in my
kayak, and I was really pleased with how responsive it was.

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