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William C. Altreuter

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Thought I'd give Comrade Detective a watch last night. The premise is that it is a "found" Romanian cop show from the 80's, played for laughs. The 80's represented a lull in my TV watching, but I'd say they have the look of the period about right, including cheapening up the production values. And don't get me wrong: the 80's were a dark time, and anything that portrays Ronald Reagan as the genial monster that he was works for me, but the show plays Communism for laughs, and Romania probably had it rougher than just about any Iron Curtain country I can think of. I guess my problem is similar to my Hogan's Heros  problem: there's nothing really funny about POW camps, or pediatric AIDS. I'm not saying that comedy can't be made from those things-- comedy can be made from pretty much anything. If you are going to take a run at it though it shouldn't feel like punching down.

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