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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

My CD player conked out a few months ago. I eventually got around to pulling it out of the system and taking it to a shop to be repaired right after Thanksgiving. It was sort of a silly thing to do-- I could have bought a perfectly adequate new machine -- actually, probably an upgrade-- but that didn't seem very green. Then came the re-install, a two day job that required two hardware store trips.

The set-up is housed in a massive piece of furniture which was once a cabinet in a classroom. It's about ten feet tall, with glass doors, and in addition to the turntable, CD changer, tape deck and receiver it holds a substantial part of Big Pink's vinyl and CD collection. When the repaired CD changer returned it became clear that everything was going to have to come off the shelves, and the wiring was going to have to be re-channeled. Seeing as I was doing it anyway, I also installed a preamp for my turntable.

Was it worth it? Holy crow, yes. The sound quality is like the difference between a car radio and a live band, particularly on the now stepped up turntable. 

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CD players are more expensive than turntables here these days, as streaming seems to have killed the format, so it was a mistake when my player died to think I'd just replace it. At least I've since discovered places that sell the CD players people like me were foolish enough to discard, in case I ever come to have to replace it again. But a pre-amp, hm. Now that vinyl's making a comeback (at AU$40-50 a side), maybe I'll have to look into that.

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