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William C. Altreuter

Thursday, March 31, 2016

George Mason University is renaming its law school for Antonin Scalia. George Mason is different from other kook law schools, like Oral Roberts (which gave us Michelle Bachmann), or Regent (remember Monica Goodling?), or Pepperdine (where Ken Starr was Dean) Mason seemed to me to be kind of a legit operation, even though its faculty are largely right wing nuts who yearn for the return of the Lochner doctrine. Well, no more. In addition to renaming itself after arguably the worst Supreme Court justice of my lifetime the folks at Mason are also naming a scholarship for F.A. Hayek. I assume they already have an endowed chair named for Ayn Rand. Sweet Jeebus, is the place run by a bunch of unpopular 14 year old boys?

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