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Sunday, February 13, 2011

We are at that place in the winter where we are past caring. The snow has hardened into ice, the sidewalks are more or less impossible to clear, the salt has crusted our shoes and the hems of our pants, and although the days are longer they are still grey. Long grey days are scant improvement over short black ones. I've been carrying the camera CEPA issued me to use for Visions of Greater Buffalo, but until today I haven't used it; what I had in mind was distinctly not photography depicting the city blanketed in knee deep snow, and I haven't had the kind of light I've wanted.

Today I said the hell with it and took the camera out when I went running. The light wasn't what I wanted, but it was neutral, and I may have gotten something. I have a few different things in mind yet.

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Happy to hear about the running. Sorry about your weather. It WILL get better! I hope it does by March 4.

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